How to fix Volvo VIDA runtime error?

Volvo VIDA runtime error, can only run at the wrong time now.

vida runtine error
Please download the “VIDA2014D_patch_2050” to install.!BcRzxKIJ!fWC9e3110C57UkiFDp-8uOMlhwuJ77poRKLHh2ecQns

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Maybe you are interested in how to install Volvo Vida Dice 2014D with 2 CDs On Win7:

If not for this reason, maybe for this reason: VIDA can run.
Because of my computer change time.
Since my computer changed time by 2020,and now I change my computer time back to 2018, VIDA remembers the time in 2020, so I can’t run it in 2018.

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