Honda HDS Solve Honda Civic forward gear automatic transmission fault

On May,5th I use Honda HDS HIM bought from repaired a Honda Civic forward gear automatic transmission fault , here is it:

A mileage of about 176,000 km, equipped with step-less automatic transmission 1. 3L 2009 Dongfeng Honda Civic hybrid cars. The vehicle is in the D position, depress the accelerator pedal of the vehicle is not forward traveling.


1) First, check the automatic transmission fluid, oil and normal oil red, normal state.

2) automatic transmission using Honda HDS read fault codes, display DTC P0962: CVT pulley pressure control solenoid valve circuit voltage is low.

3) According to the fault code indication, the first to use HDS Clear DTC, re-read the fault code is still displayed DTC P0962.

4) Turn off the ignition switch, disconnect the solenoid valve harness connector, measure the resistance of the solenoid valve harness connector terminal between terminals 3 and No. 7 to infinity (standard 3. 8 ~ 6. 8Ω), indicating that the internal circuit has a solenoid valve solenoid valve open or breakdowns.

5) Remove the lower body, and disconnect the CVT pulley pressure control valve connector, measure the resistance CVT pulley pressure control valve connector terminal No. 1 and No. 2 terminals for 3.8 ~ 6. 8Ω, the solenoid valve is normally explained, to harness open circuit failure.

6) After replacing the solenoid valve harness, clear DTCs, then test, fault disappeared ,fault completely ruled out.

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