GM MDI subscription for programming modules

GM model: added competition seats 3LZ to my 1 LZ
verified all the wiring is in place and installed the new HVAC panel

Tool: GM MDI

Purpose: need to program the BCM and possibly the HSCM

Need a subscription to AC Delco TDS ( in order to program modules. $40 for 2 years access to programming for one VIN.

The $40 subscription for GM is for the Corvette C7 as well, but will just get you SPS from the web site only. So you going to use the VM GDS2 for the rest of your needs, short of needing firmware files or needing to do TDS programming like programming in a fob or pairing the ECM to BCM again (which is the immobilizer relearn setting from the list of modules in SPS, and once selected, will load a special menu list to use for such).

Note, the first Vin # you use to pull down a firmware file with TDS, it will lock your $40 subscription to this vehicle.

On the AC/Delco TDS, Once you pay for the subscription, the first time setting up TDS is will a little daunting and you have to use internet explorer. The first thing once you click the SP button will be Java set up, so you will need to first load that to your machine (it going to take a few steps to get it finally loaded with the correct update). Next, you going to get a screen that will tell you that you have to make exceptions your allowed list in internet explorer (gm site and Java site), but easy enough as well since it will walk you through the process. Next you’re going to download the TISWeb ICVS5b proxy software and install it. about the last pop up screen you’re going to get is small square screen that will have a MDI and Tech II driver. Do not install these, but just click skips instead.
Note, every time you use SPS after you have it set up on the machine and start SPS, you’re going to get the driver pop up screen, so remember to press skip each time!!!!!

So before you use/set up TDS after you have paid for your subscription, back in the VX MDI driver folder from the windows start icon in programs, click on VX driver mdi, and it will load the VX manager (have the GM nano plugged in to the computer). Once the VX manager loads, click on diagnostic tab on the top of the screen and install both the pass through and T2w drivers from the your apps menu on the left.

Now when you go to use TDS SPS, when you come to the device screen, you’re going to select the VXDiag device, which you loaded the needed drives from the VX manager to your machine.

Again, when you go to use TDS SPS each time, skip the part to installing the Tech ii and MDI driver. If you do not get VXdiag device in the TDS device select screen to select the VX Nano, it’s due to you not installing the needed pass through and t2w drivers in the VX manager before hand, or you installed the SPS MDI or tech II drivers.

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