Foxwell NT520 Porsche 997 review: turn chime off & disabled the active rear spoiler

Have just purchased the Foxwell NT520 PRO and downloaded the Porsche specific app, and The £128 was worth it to me to do:
1. get rid of the seat belt chime. The faster you drive the louder the chime for those out there who wear your seat belts before you drive off.

2. I made my horn honk when I arm my car alarm

3. I can roll up and roll down my windows from my key fob

4. I changed my side corner lights to turn signals, I believe this is how your cars come.

5. I successfully disabled the active rear spoiler on my 997.2 (having previously installed the Flying Ducktail). Decided the lifted flying ducktail looked a bit extreme, although I didn’t notice any adverse handling in the lifted position.
this Foxwell NT520 saved a trip to the dealer to disable the rear spoiler lifting with PIWIS and on that basis alone paid for itself..

so highly recommended Foxwell NT520. Available here £128:

Thanks to @Baileyii and @systech1 ( for their review.

Foxwell NT520 Porsche specific app download


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