For 06 Corvette: Tech II VS Vxdiag Nano GM VS HPtuner VS EFI live

Vxdiag Nano GM scanner Arrived. Don’t feel bad, since I pulled my clone apart to just take a look at the solder joints to clean them up when I first got it so they would not cause problems, saw the cheap knock off DC to DC converter then, and have a back up to replace mine when it goes bad as well.
If nothing else, when you go auto bleed the brakes, you don’t have the huge gm Nano hanging down that you have to sneak your foot under it as you cycle the ADS pump and ride the brake pedal. Hence going to be a bitch to do driving data runs with the nano plugged in, since it hangs down so low and really gets in the way if you are trying to drive the car.

Hell trust is, for checking the engine and doing engine data logs, find it easy to just run my low profile wifi Elm 327 and run scan master elm via the laptop on the bench. Hence the low profile wifi elm327 came with a copy of scan master for $19, and also works with my Iphone running dash command for driving, since the elm327 wifi device only site about an inch below the OBDI port when plugged in.

Where the tech II comes in (and gm nano), is the rest of the car, since the scan master/other types of basic scanners cannot get into the body modules to pull and clear those codes, nor get you into the special options as well.

As for HPtuner over EFI live, have both and can’t really say for sure which is the better tuning software. Hp tuner has come a long way with extra options, while EFI gave you access to all the options from the start instead. Also, these are both good devices to use to do driving data runs like the Tech II clone as well, since when plugged in, the cords can be tucked up to not get in the way either.

Hence still not sold if the Gm Nano will stay plugged in/your not going to knock it out of the port for driving data runs.
corvette-diagnosis-02 corvette-diagnosis-03

And up against my wifi elm327 that I use more often with Scan master or dashcommand for driving data logging runs instead.

So lets add in a obd2 extender cable that should be thrown in the mix for the GM nano for driving data logging that going to be needed as well.

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