Cheap key programmer for Renault Clio IV and Captur

Any cheap key programmer for Renault Clio IV and Captur?

1. Renault ecu tool very good

2. I’m using Renolink…very useful!

3. Yes me too Renolink, ECU tool, and clip will do the job

4. Avdi can akl for Captur I tested personally.

5. Yes but avdi is much more expensive as ECU tool

6. I’ve made Dacia 2018, and a few Laguna3, Megane 3, in a few seconds of work. plus with Renolink you can erase impact data in airbags, disable TPMS, SBR, ESP, virginize bcm/uch, change vin code in units, and much more….it’s a very good tool but requires a very good knowledge of systems, and it’s half in English-half in french!

7. From my knowledge Renolink doesn’t program clio4 card. Even in 1.81

8. I have been using Renault k line for the past 2 years and it’s unbelievable. So easy to use, it dose clio 4/captur up To 2015, lost keys too. But anything after that year you can connect to the hands free module and retrieve the pin, it will then automatically take you through the procedure.

9. obdstar X300 Pro 4 or Lonsdor K518S is a decent key programmer for Renault Clio IV and Captur up to 2017 – 2018 year.

For the images of Renault ecu tool, Renolink, Avdi etc, please google.
For the details and images of obdstar X300 Pro 4 or Lonsdor K518S, please search on

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