2019.4 GM GDS2 V20.3.05100 free download, win7 setup & test results

2019.3 GM GDS2 V20.3.05100 free download:
No password
Safety: Yes, by VXDIAG engineers
test on Buick Excelle 2010: OK
VXDIAG VCX NANO GM…confirmed working
GM MDI 2 interface…confirmed working

GDS2 test results:
Read codes, code status, Freeze Frame data, and Clear Codes
Read VIN, ECU part numbers and software numbers
Record, store and replay Stored data
Control and monitor Output Control functions
Configure and Reset functions
Record or display the history of the previous vehicle diagnostic sessions

Language: Multi-language

gds 2 car list:
look here: manage diagnostic package
gds 2 saab version 2018.3
gds 2 opel/vauxhall version 2018.09
gds 2 gm global version 2018.09
gds 2 gm china version 2018.11
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-00 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-01 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-02 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-03 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-04

GM GDS2 V20.3.05100 win7 installation procedure
Step 1: Auto install GDS2 2019_02
run GDS2AutoInstall.exe to install GDS2 2019_02
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-05 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-06
Step 2: install Vxmanager
Run “VX Manager”.
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-06 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-08
Step 3: install GDS2/Tech2win driver
Connect VCX device to install GDS2/Tech2win driver.
Click on “VX Manager” -> Install -> Install complete VCX PDU Driver (GM MDI)
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-09 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-10

Step 4: run GDS2 to test Buick Excelle 2010
Run GDS2 and select a language: English
GDS 2 expiration: 9729 days
GDS 2 version 20.3.05100

Choose MDI2, connect MDI2.
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-13 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-14

Read VIN -> choose model year-> Buick -Excelle.
GDS2 test on Buick Excelle 2010 : module diagnosis -> body control module -> headlamp: halogen (T4A TT4) -> body style: hatch back

diagnostic trouble code – chassis control data – body control module
gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-15 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-16 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-17 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-18 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-19 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-20 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-21 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-22 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-23 gm-gds2-v20-3-05100-test-buick-excelle-2010-24


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